Biowoods has a strict code of ethics to benefit our local environment as our contribution to the long-term health of our planet. We work with the following objectives:

1. Naturally durable wood from trees represents part of nature’s great potential to lock carbon in a solid useable form with a wide variety of end-uses. Biowoods was set up to find suitable local markets for such wood.

2. Low ‘Wood Miles’. A local market for local timber can save considerable amounts of fossil energy.

3. A large amount of wood fit for construction is burnt as fuel ending up as greenhouse gas because of lack of markets for small sized timber. Biowoods sawmill has specialised machinery for processing small logs to maximise recovery of captured carbon in native timbers such as oak and chestnut.

4. Forest surveying to ensure sustainable timber supply for building. Measuring the growth-to-removal ratio (GRR) for local woodland shows how much tree growth outpaces or balances removal of wood, which is sustainable. Over harvesting in the long term damages forest health and biodiversity.